You Are God

Nov 14, 2022    WeakSide


When we're scared to death, You are the Prince of Peace // And when there's nothing left, You are everything // When we're blinded by tears, You are the God who sees // And when there's so much to fear, You are the God who frees // When the shame assaults, You are the hiding place // And when it's all our fault, You are amazing grace // YOU ARE GOD, AND I AM YOURS // At the end of the sphere, You are the refuge // And when we're broken here, You are making all things new // When nothing here makes sense, You are still sovereign // And when we've reached the end, You are our promise land // YOU ARE GOD, AND I AM YOURS // You are the Hope of the world. You are the King of Kings // In You we live and move. In You we have our being // You are the first, the last. The Shepherd for the lost // Savior of the redeemed. Champion of the cross // You are the Great I Am. You are the Ancient of Days // Creator of all things. You are the Author of faith // You are the truth, the life. The Warrior of Your own // Someday You're coming back to take Your people home // YOU ARE GOD, AND I AM YOURS.