Advent (Week Four)

Dec 18, 2022    Jeremiah Knoop

Advent | Week Four | The Candle of Peace

"Peace on the Earth"

We are messengers in this sacred story

Angels from the realms of glory

And we sing, this night, o’er Bethlehem

For our eternal King is born to them

He is Peace on earth, good will to men.


This is our story…


We dwell beyond all mortal gaze

Where creatures raise unending praise

In the presence of the Lamb


We sing of His unrivaled will

Yet, even still, our hearts are filled

With mysteries that we don’t understand


Like how the race of mortal men

Could see His face, and even then

Turn and walk away


Exchanging glory for cursed thorns

The Father’s smile for Satan’s scorn

Paradise for the thrill to disobey


We could not fathom Eden’s pain

This chasm carved by sin and shame


But as darkness snaked across the earth

And the dragon fought for all he’s worth


And the enemy, he doesn’t stand a chance!


INCARNATE PEACE has come at last

Eternal King from ages past

Your sin and shame, to hell, He’ll cast

And this angelic host will lead you in the dance


As we sing,

“Peace on earth, good will to men”