Engage the City

Oct 2, 2022

As a church, we believe that our mission is to make joyful followers of Jesus who actively engage the city with the Word of God. This is what Jesus meant when He called us “a city on a hill” (Matt 5:14). North Center does not simply exist in the city; we also engage the city with the good news of the Gospel. Jesus never called the world to “come” to the church. Rather, He called the church to “go” into the all the world – starting with the communities in which we live (Matt 28:19; Acts 1:8). He didn’t create a social club; He created a missional body to be “in the world” just as God the Son was in the world (Matt 16:18; John 17:16; 1 Cor 12:27). So, may God fill us with His Spirit as we shine the light of Jesus in our neighborhoods, in our culture, and in our cities. May our light so shine before men, that they see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.