Pursue the Nations

Oct 16, 2022

The final word that Jesus gave to His followers was to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15) and to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matt 28:19). It wasn’t merely a suggestion or an extra-curricular activity for the overzealous Christian. It was a command. This is why the ultimate missional trajectory of our church is to pursue the nations. Our initiative is based on God’s imperative, and He has given us everything we need in order to be successful. We have the Spirit of Christ (Acts 1:8). We go in the authority of Christ (Matt 28:18). We proclaim the powerful Word of Christ (Rom 1:16; Col 3:16). We hope in the promises of Christ (Heb 8:6) as we joyfully suffer with Christ (1 Pet 4:13) until all peoples have heard the Gospel of Christ (Matt 24:14; Rom 10:15).