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Steps For Spiritual Growth

Recommended Steps for Spiritual Growth

(Download Recommended Steps in PDF)


The following are steps that can help you to move ahead in your discipleship growth this year. In light of your Spiritual Growth Check-Up choose steps that you will take, seeking and depending on God’s presence and power.


Be sure to choose a “Know” step, a “Grow” step, and a “Show” step. It’s generally best not to choose more than 3-5 step goals all together.


*Items marked with an asterisk (*) are basic, priority items that we want everyone at North Center to be practicing. If you are not currently doing one of the starred items, we urge you to make it one of the discipleship steps you will take this year.


KNOW:  abide in christ

_____  *1. Attend the worship service each week.
 *2. Have a regular devotional time (quiet time) of Bible reading and prayer each day.
3. Establish a practice of worship preparation, including proper rest the night before and prayer and confession before entering into worship.
_____ 4. Make a list of things that hinder your spiritual growth and seek God’s help in overcoming those hindrances.
_____ 5. Read, meditate on, and memorize verses from John 15:1-17.
_____  6. Use Andrew Murray’s Abide in Christ as a 31-day devotional study.

GROW:  live in the word

_____  *1. Establish a daily time of Bible reading and prayer (devotional / quiet time).
*2. Participate in a Sunday School Bible study class each week.
3. Take notes from the pastor’s sermon each week and evaluate how the ideas in the message apply to your life.
_____ 4. Have a regular time of personal Bible study, taking notes from the study and evaluating how the biblical truth applies to your life.
_____  5. Read through the Bible (using the One Year Bible or other reading plan).
_____  6. Read a Psalm each day and meditate on the character of God described in it.
_____ 7. Memorize one Bible verse each week / or each month.
_____ 8. Attend CLASS 201 the next time it is offered.

GROW:  pray in faith

_____  *1. Establish a daily time devotional (quiet) time of prayer and Bible reading.
 2. Participate in the Wednesday evening prayer group.
 3. Start a prayer journal, listing your prayer concerns and recording God’s answers.
_____  4. Read a book on how to deepen your prayer life (get recommendations from the pastor).

GROW:  fellowship with believers

_____  *1. Participate in a Sunday School Bible study class.
2. Participate in the Wednesday evening prayer group or youth group.
3. Ask family and/or friends to identify ways you can improve your relationships with them and then seek God’s help in making needed changes.

SHOW:  witness to the world

_____  *1. Invite unchurched acquaintances to worship services and/or other special  church events.
*2. Make a list of three to five non-believers you know and begin praying regularly for their salvation.
 3. Begin building relationships with non-believers at work, school or in your neighborhood and pray for ways to show and tell them of God’s love.
_____ 4. Write your testimony, practice sharing it with another believer, and then be ready to share it with others as God provides the opportunity.
_____ 5. Attend CLASS 401 the next time it is offered.

SHOW:  minister to others

_____  *1. Volunteer to serve in a ministry at North Center.
2. Help with North Center’s community outreach ministries (food & clothes shelf events, Angel Tree).
3. Volunteer to help with a community ministry, such as CEAP or the Robbinsdale Women’s Center.
_____ 4. Attend CLASS 301 the next time it is offered.

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North Center exists to glorify God by making disciples who know Christ, grow in Him and show their love for Him