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Our Constitution

Article I - Name

Article II - Purpose

Article III - Statement of Faith

Article IV - Affiliation

church constitutionArticle V - Membership

Section I - General

Section II - Qualifications of Membership

Section III - Categories of Membership

Section IV - Responsibilities of Membership

Section V - Voting Rights of Membership

Section VI - Termination of Membership

Section VII - Restoration of Membership

Article VI - Business Meetings

Section I - Annual Business Meetings

Section II - Special Business Meetings

Section III - Voting Privileges

Section IV - Quorum

Article VII - Church Structure / Organization

Section I - Church Staff

1. Senior Pastor

2. Ministerial Staff

3. Support Staff

Section II - Leadership Team

Section III - Ministry Teams

Section IV - Deacons

Section V - Other Church Officials

1. Treasurer

2. Clerk

Article VIII - Amendments to the Constitution

North Center exists to glorify God by making disciples who know Christ, grow in Him and show their love for Him