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Categories & Responsibilities of Membership

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The categories of membership are:

1. ACTIVE MEMBERS: All those who have fulfilled the membership requirements, who reside within the Church's ministry area or are currently active in attending the Church, who are serving in a ministry, and who are giving financially to the Church. Missionaries, college students, and those in military service who live away from the Church's ministry area may continue to be Active Members of the Church. Active Members must be at least sixteen years of age.
2. NONRESIDENT MEMBERS: Members who have become inactive as a result of moving out of the Church's ministry area and have not joined another church. Nonresident members do not have voting privileges. Nonresident members can regain Active Member status if they resume active attendance and participation in the Church within one year of their move out of the area.

3. INACTIVE MEMBERS: Members who are capable of attending and supporting the Church but have failed to do so for one year will become "Inactive Members" and will not be allowed voting privileges at Church business meetings. The Church's Leadership Team can restore an inactive member to active membership status upon the recommendation of the Senior Pastor and Deacons. The Church's Leadership Team can, upon recommendation by the Senior Pastor and Deacons, discipline a member in serious violation of the Membership Covenant by changing his/her membership status to "inactive" (see Article VII, Section IV, A.).

4. YOUTH MEMBERS: Children and teens who profess faith in Christ and are baptized will be considered "Youth Members" until they are at least sixteen years of age and have completed the other membership requirements (attended CLASS 101, signed the Membership Covenant, and committed to serve in a ministry position). Youth members do not have voting privileges at Church business meetings.


The responsibilities of membership are described in the membership covenant (Article V, Section II).

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