Business Meetings & Voting Privileges

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1. Responsibilities

The Senior Pastor shall:

  1.  Be the spiritual and executive leader of the Church, leading it to accomplish its mission.
  2.  Preach and teach the Bible, conduct public worship services, and oversee the welfare of the congregation.
  3.  Be the executive leader of the Leadership Team and an ex-officio member of all Ministry Teams, guiding and enabling them to set strategies and to accomplish objectives.
  4.  Supervise and enable church staff to accomplish their purposes and objectives. All staff members are responsible to the Senior Pastor either directly or through another staff         member as he directs.
  5.  Represent the staff to the Leadership Team.
  6.  Serve as moderator at all business meetings.

2. Calling of the Senior Pastor

Whenever a Senior Pastor vacancy occurs, the Church will elect a Pastor Search Team consisting of five members at a business meeting. The Pastor Search Team will check the backgrounds, interview, evaluate, and select potential candidates for the position of Senior Pastor. The Search Team will consult with the Leadership Team to develop the terms and conditions of employment to be offered to prospective candidates and will recommend only one candidate at a time to the Church. At a special business meeting, with notice being given at least one week in advance, the Church will vote on the recommended candidate by secret ballot. An affirmative vote of at least 85% is necessary for a call to be extended to the candidate.

The Senior Pastor will serve until the relationship is terminated at either the pastor's or the Church's request. A thirty-day's notice must be given before the termination of the pastor's responsibilities, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.


The Leadership Team will recommend candidates for staff ministry positions other than Senior Pastor to the Church for approval at a business meeting. Ministerial staff will carry out specific areas of ministry under the direction of the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor in consultation with the Leadership Team may terminate ministerial staff.


The Leadership Team is empowered by the Church to hire and to terminate the employment of custodial, secretarial and other support staff.