Leadership Team

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The Leadership Team is the Church's administrative body. It leads the Church in planning, coordinating, and evaluating the total church program. It is responsible to establish strategies and objectives to monitor progress in accomplishing the Church's purposes.


The Church Leadership Team shall consist of the Pastoral staff and the leaders of each Ministry Team. The Senior Pastor will serve as the chairman. Members of the Leadership Team must be Active Members of the Church.


  1.  To normally meet monthly and at other times as necessary to accomplish its duties.
  2.  To review and evaluate regularly the total program of the Church to determine that the Church's purposes, objectives and goals are being accomplished.
  3.  To coordinate and evaluate the calendars, plans and actions of the Ministry Teams.
  4.  To represent the congregation in certain staff relationships, including:
  a. Annual review of the ministry of the Senior Pastor.
  b. Annual review and approval of staff compensation and approval of compensation for new staff.
  c. Establishment of personnel policies and administration of those policies as they directly relate to the Senior Pastor.
  d. Approval of job descriptions for new staff positions and maintenance of current job descriptions for all staff members.
  5.  To recommend, in consultation with the Deacons, to the congregation any ordinations, and to act upon any licensings and commissionings.
  6.  To recommend Ministry Team leaders for approval by the Church.
  7.  To recommend Deacons, the Treasurer, and the Clerk for approval by the Church.
  8.  To act as the budget team and to prepare and present a budget to the Church at the annual business meeting.
  9.  To represent the Church in all matters of legal responsibility. To sign legal contracts consistent with the budget, constitution, congregational approval, and state law. They shall have no         power to buy, sell, mortgage, transfer or convey any real property of the church without a specific vote of the church authorizing such action.